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My First Post!

Well, I officially have my own website now (as you can tell, since you're here).

I feel ~professional~.

This summer's been packed with shows so far. I'm learning how to play to different crowds of people, from family friendly venues (Farmers Markets! Children frolicking in the grass!), to less family friendly venues (Bars!).

This is the first summer I've been doing music completely full time, and I'm loving it. Wednesdays we play at the Yacht Club--sounds snooty: isn't--, and then I'm typically playing every Thursday & Sunday, with other Saturdays & Wednesdays thrown in occasionally.

Things I've discovered:

1) People LOVE "You Are My Sunshine".

2) I already knew this, but fake it 'til you make it. Sometimes when you forgot the words to your own song, you need to play a really long instrumental solo until you can remember.

3) Persistence! Practice! I've just now started playing Hozier's "Cherry Wine" in public--a song I learned two years ago! It's one of my favorites to play, but it's taken a lot of practice with it to feel comfortable playing it in front of people. And now that I finally can, it's so rewarding!!

Well, my wisdom is just about used up for now.

Hey, I'd love it if you came to see me this summer/headed over to my Facebook page/Youtube Channel to shoot me a like/subscribe!!


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